Peak Power Assist for High Power Functions

Peak Power Assist for High Power Functions

The automotive boardnet is now experiencing increasing demands for frequently available large currents, otherwise known as peak power. Batteries are able to supply quite large currents for an extended period of time – as long as their considerable weight and volume does not restrict their utilization. Unfortunately, batteries are also quite sensitive to abuse such as over ripples, reverse polarity and deep discharges. Additionally, the cyclical behavior of batteries is quite poor in comparison to ultracapacitors. Batteries can only withstand a few thousand cycles, while an ultracapacitor can withstand hundreds of thousands of cycles. When you examine all these factors, it becomes quite clear that ultracapacitors represent the ideal technology to fill the performance gap as it relates to peak power applications.

Emerging Peak Power Applications in Automotive:
Electric Power Steering
Electronically Assisted Turbochargers
Active Suspension Systems
Boardnet Stabilization

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