Everything about heavy-duty machinery is high capacity. Excavation, mining, lifting and hauling place high power demands on energy storage. Whether the prime power source is an engine or the electrical grid, ultracapacitor energy storage provides many benefits during high peak power demands.

At Maxwell, we design ultracapacitor (supercapacitor) energy storage for cranes, straddle-carriers, stackers, forklifts and other earth-moving and mining equipment. One of the most important benefits of ultracapacitors is their ability to increase the power density of an energy source. Our ultracapacitor energy storage modules handle deep discharge cycling coupled with high duty cycle requirements.

In addition to serving your equipment’s repeated high power demands, our ultracapacitor energy storage enables downsizing of diesel engines since peak power is no longer required from the engine, helping your business achieve significant fuel savings.

We work with our customers to provide economical energy storage where the cost of the module is outweighed by the durability, reliability and productivity factors.

Leave it to us to keep your industrial equipment working hard.

We look forward to working with you to increase the life of equipment and reduce the cost of downtime and maintenance with our ultracapacitor solutions.

Forklifts and cranes
Ultracapacitors meet repetitive high power demands with ease, contributing to streamlined forklift and crane operations so that you maximize work productivity.

Our ultracapacitor energy storage modules provide reliable, high-burst starting power for critical backup generator sets up to 3.5 MW.

Benefits of ultracapacitor energy storage for industrial applications

Commercially qualified for shock and vibration

Long lifetime and excellent reliability

Greater fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions

Significantly lower weight per unit of power delivery

High charge/discharge turnaround efficiency

Minimal to no maintenance requirements

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