Heavy Transportation

Similar to the automotive industry, the heavy transportation sector faces new requirements for carbon emissions reduction as part of the global effort to sustain the environment and improve quality of life for generations to come. The world’s trains, trams, buses and medium- and heavy-duty trucks are instrumental for economic health and must keep up with emerging technologies to remain globally competitive.

Maxwell Technologies provides rugged, high power ultracapacitor (supercapacitor) energy storage solutions for the heavy transportation sector to support the achievement of fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Customers undergoing hybridization and electrification have realized significant cost reductions and energy savings by leveraging the efficient power delivery of Maxwell’s ultracapacitor cell technology.

The DuraBlue advantage

Our engineering and R&D teams developed Maxwell’s innovative DuraBlue® Advanced Shock and Vibration technology to address the specific shock and vibration requirements in heavy transport applications. Maxwell combines its patented electrode formulation and manufacturing process with its robust and proprietary mechanical design of DuraBlue cells to deliver exceptional quality, performance and lifetime. Our DuraBlue line meets:

  • IEC 60068-2-27 for shock
  • ISO 16750-3, Table 12

We take pride in providing our worldwide customers with fortifying technology that offers a significant competitive advantage in the face of challenging design requirements, emerging regulations and pressure to sustain business in a fast-moving industry.

Explore energy storage strategies for next-level performance.

Do you have a fleet of hybrid electric transit buses, diesel, electric or hybrid trains, electrified trams or light/heavy-duty trucks? We look forward to partnering with you to identify an energy storage strategy that will help your business achieve a significant jump in performance and operational savings.

Trains and trams
Ultracapacitor energy storage is deployed as an onboard or wayside system for rail applications such as bridging power and grid/voltage stabilization, braking energy recuperation and assisted propulsion, catenary-free zone propulsion and engine starting. Peak currents, high duty cycles and frequent deep discharge and charge are managed with much higher efficiency than battery technologies.


Hybrid-electric and plug-in hybrid electric buses employ regenerative braking systems comprised of Maxwell’s ultracapacitors for kinetic energy recovery, an energy storage strategy that helps bus transportation businesses capitalize on energy savings.


More than 7,000 medium- and heavy-duty trucks across North America rely on Maxwell’s ultracapacitor-based Engine Start Module for reliable starting in frigid temperatures and for repeated stops and starts throughout a long day, helping drivers and fleet managers avoid no-starts and gain peace-of-mind.


Benefits of ultracapacitor energy storage for heavy transportation

Commercially qualified for shock and vibration

Long lifetime and excellent reliability

Greater fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions

Significantly lower weight per unit of power delivery

High charge/discharge turnaround efficiency

Minimal to no maintenance requirements

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